Planning & Scheduling Services

Easily create, edit and analyse GTFS and TXC feeds

A sophisticated toolkit for all of your scheduling needs

At-a-glance scheduling information visualised alongside your route
Podaris:Plan represents a seamless solution for scheduling transit services and creating detailed and accurate timetabling for transport modes such as buses and trains. We offer an out-of-the-box solution for rapidly exploring the effects of proposed changes to your network.
Extensive customisation of vehicle specifications gives you accurate, at-a-glance insight into fleet size and ride frequency. Paired with Podaris’ extensive demographic analysis tools, you can easily understand the effect of planned services on communities.

Support for industry standard transit feeds

Podaris supports the import and export of a variety of industry standard transit specifications such as GTFS, TransXChange and NeTEx, making it easier than ever to prototype and visualise routes generated inside and outside of Podaris, and integrate that journey information into your own systems.
GTFS feeds

Planning with unparalleled ease

Automatic routing in Podaris:Plan
Drawing bus networks becomes trivial as Podaris automatically conforms your proposed route to existing streets and will automatically account for their speeds and other factors that affect travel time. Relocating stops along your route is as simple as clicking and dragging them to a new location, while Podaris does the hard work by finding the most suitable route through them. For more extensive changes to your network, we’ll soon be introducing functionality to modify the road network itself.

No transport project is an island...

Podaris' multimodal capabilities allow you to seamlessly mix bus, train or demand-based infrastructure in the same project and easily visualise the relationship between your proposed routes. Switching or superimposing multiple modalities gives you an at-a-glance understanding of the metrics involved in your project and allows you to communicate the benefits of your proposals to stakeholders in a clear and impactful manner.
Multimodal planning in Podaris

Comprehensive journey planning

Planning a journey with Podaris
Podaris:Plan's journey planner allows you to explore how your service might be used to connect travellers across your network on any given date and time. It generates comprehensive reports, showing you wait and walking times, as well as all necessary transfers between an origin and destination. You can use it to quickly understand how different scenarios affect factors such as the number of transfers and wait times for your travellers.

A visual window into your service schedule

The service calendar allows for extremely fine-grain scheduling of your services, in order for the associated project clock to provide you with an at-a-glance view of active services at specified times and dates. It serves as an immediate visual window into your network’s schedule, helping you to identify scheduling issues quickly and easily.
Podaris:Plan's project clock

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