Multi-modal transport planning

Podaris:Plan enables the simultaneous modelling of multiple transport modes, including Personal Rapid Transport, Metro Rail, Hyperloop and Cycle Paths. Each transport layer inherits both the physical and operational aspects of their respective types of infrastructure, ensuring accurate right-of-way and travel-time calculations.

Sophisticated parametric modelling accurately creates velocity profiles for your network which can be used for travel time and isochrone calculations. By default, Podaris attempts to create infrastructure paths that are first as fast as possible, and second as straight as possible. However, Plan offers great flexibility when designing systems according to real world constraints.

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Accelerate your project's workflow

Podaris draws inspiration from the world of agile software development to provide a rapid prototyping solution that encourages speed and creativity in the planning process, and removes bottlenecks that arise from the inefficient sharing of information.

Project contributors can easily clone and modify whole projects and manipulate project elements with familiar tools. Enterprise users can benefit from a private, branded instance of the platform with robust controls for managing organisational workgroups.

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Extensive collaboration capabilities

Podaris functions as a feature-rich whiteboard for collaboration and communication across your team. With extensive commenting, AV and text-based chat capabilities, the platform allows for real-time feedback between collaborators. Podaris:Plan allows you to view and modify transport models being developed by other team members, as they are being built.

Plan also allows you to designate roles to each team member in order to restrict permissions where necessary, and even embed designs within your own website to interactively showcase scenarios. Email and in-app notifications keep each team member up to date with important changes to projects.

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