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Podaris:Insight PTAL analysis

Rapid, powerful accessibility analysis

Podaris:Insight offers a comprehensive toolbox to undertake common and emerging multi-modal accessibility analysis easily with a few clicks within a lightweight web browser. Integrated with the complete Podaris platform, with Insight, you can:
πŸ”Ž Easily drag-and-drop your own transport networks, GIS datasets, or use pre-loaded data from the Podaris library to run accessibility analysis with a few clicks
πŸ”Ž Use your Podaris:Plan scenarios, projects, and networks to test and evaluate what-if scenarios
πŸ”Ž Cloud-based calculations allow you to generate results for the smallest schemes to national-scale analysis in moments
πŸ”Ž Share your results with collaborators and internal and external stakeholders through interactive maps and charts

Just a few of the pre-built accessibility analysis types in Podaris:Insight...

Unlocking insights from your data

These are just some of the powerful accessibility analysis tools available within Podaris:Insight. Each is designed to require minimal setup and generate reliable results in minutes. Just drop in your transport network, work with, or modify the bundled defaults, and begin your accessibility analysis
Podaris:Insight difference ischrone analysis

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