Real-time infrastructure planning in the cloud

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Plan urban infrastructure collaboratively in real-time, in your browser. Use intuitive tools to design transportation networks. Get instantaneous feedback from all stakeholders.

Collaborate in real-time

One of the most difficult problems facing any infrastructure project is collaboration. Instead of a process that takes weeks of time and stacks of paper to obtain valuable feedback, Podaris makes it simple for people to collaborate and design in real-time, in the browser, anywhere.

Many modes, one tool

Create any kind of fixed-infrastructure transport system, from cycle paths to rail to hyperloops, with our advanced parametric modelling tools.

Design, constrain, and analyze with accuracy

Simple yet accurate, our physically-correct infrastructure planning tools allow you to quickly design the network you need.

Highly Accurate

Highly Accurate

Our transportation models are based on the real-world physics of your transport technology, giving you confidence in your plans.

Intuitive Constraints

Intuitive Constraints

Use constraints to ensure the network suits your needs for time and space, let Podaris figure out the rest.

Real-time Analysis

Real-time Analysis

Get immediate accurate analysis of right-of-ways, travel times, and capacities.

Get feedback in minutes

Easily share your designs with anyone and get feedback instantaneously. Get feedback from collaborators or open your plans up to public comment.

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