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Introducing Podaris:Insight

Podaris:Insight is the latest evolution of the Podaris platform - designed for rapid and powerful accessibility analysis. It unlocks insights from a variety of metrics such as PTAL to help you better understand the real-world impact of transport scenarios.

Generate reliable outputs in just a few clicks with pre-built analyses - just import your network and go.

• Quickly identify accessibility issues in your transport network
• Understand the impact of transport changes on different communities
• Easily share results with stakeholders and collaborators

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Podaris:Insight accesibility analysis toolkit

Discover the future of transport planning

Multi-modal Transport Planning

Create multi-modal transport networks and analyse their costs and benefits. Share these models with internal or external collaborators, ensuring that they are vetted and validated from every possible angle.
High-level analytical tools give an immediate understanding of travel-time and spatial connectivity. Forthcoming integrations with GIS and microsimulation applications will provide deeper insight into the performance of every scenario.
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Multimodal planning

Intelligent Parametric Engineering

Small details have big consequences — so Podaris gets the details right. Our easy-to-use parametric design tools ensure that right-of-way, travel-time, and capacity calculations are extremely accurate from day one, based on validated engineering properties from transport technology vendors.
This engineering accuracy is useful for planning any kind of transport infrastructure, but is particularly crucial for helping planners to understand new and unfamiliar technologies, such as hyperloops or driverless pods.
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Podaris Plan

Online stakeholder engagement

Every transport project needs buy-in from a large number of people: technical experts, policymakers, financiers, property owners, neighbourhood associations, and more. Often, consultations are left until too late in the process, resulting in costly redesigns that can set a project back by months or years.
Podaris solves this problem by allowing both technical and non-technical stakeholders — in either carefully-selected or open-access groups — to be brought into the planning process, reducing the feedback time from months to milliseconds.
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Comments in Podaris

Cities work better when they work together...

...but it's hard to get everyone on the same page. Introducing Podaris: a real-time collaboration platform for planners, engineers, policymakers, and public stakeholders.
Podaris gives you powerful tools for proposal development and feasibility studies, letting you create transport plans more rapidly, accurately, and collaboratively than ever before — in any web browser.
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Collaboration in Podaris

What is Podaris?

A complete solution for collaborative transport planning and analysis in the cloud.
Parametric engineering
Parametric Engineering
Rapidly sketch out infrastructure with high-level parametric tools that accurately inform travel-time and velocity calculations.
Travel-time modelling
Travel-time Modelling
Create isochrones that calculate travel time between multiple points using your networks and services.
Connectivity analysis
Connectivity Analysis
Explore connectivity across networks and set parameters such as maximum transfer limts.
Visualise and query data
Visualise & Query Data
Import and create datasets and visualise them in a geospatial context -- helping you to answer demographic queries.
Scenario development
Scenario Development
Compare, contrast and organise transport scenarios with ease.
Scheduled services
Scheduled Services
Quickly identity issues with services, create accurate timetabled schedules and explore the impact of route alterations.
Custom maps
Custom Map Backgrounds
Accurately place raster images such as development plans on zoomable maps.
Stakeholder engagement
Stakeholder Engagement
Collate feedback and showcase transport scenarios in a simplified, interactive interface for non-technical users.
Multi-modal networks
Multi-modal Networks
Accurate, editable vehicle specifications for a wide variety of transport modes that inform calculations throughout Podaris.
Journey planning
Journey Planning
Create and compare complete journey plans for hypothetical trips between points using your network(s).
Mode-choice simulation
Mode-choice Simulation
Create sophisticated travel-demand scenarios and understand modal preferences with our agent-based simulation engine.
Coming soon
Coming Soon...
Street-planning, micromobility solutions and integrated data libraries.

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