Rail Planning

Fast and accurate planning of rail infrastructure

Rapid and agile tools for rail planners

Exploring rail services in Podaris:Plan
Podaris makes both freehand and constraint-based drawing of infrastructure the work of moments. Rail lines can be sketched in seconds with fine grain control of the velocity and curvature of individual segments ensuring precision in your plans.
Podaris offers tools for exposing travel times, distances and average speeds between stations, all of which can be exported in a single click. The journey planner tool helps put your rail network in a multimodal context to better understand how journeys are really made, whether different scenarios will result in fewer transfers and how walking and wait times are impacted by changes to a service's frequency.

Multi-modal connectivity analysis

With Podaris, the planning and analysis of multiple, integrated transport modes can be performed within a single project. allowing you to explore how connectivity between your rail networks and other modes impacts factors such as travel-time.
When combined with geospatial datasets, you can rapidly explore the effects of service alterations on communities by creating demographic queries that answer questions such as 'what number of people are now served by this line extension?'
Visualising velocity along a network in Podaris:Plan

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