Planning for Automated Transit Networks (ATNs)

Plan PRT networks using dedicated infrastructure

What are Podcars?

ATN solution
Podcars — also known as Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) for more taxi-like systems, or Group Rapid Transit (GRT) for more minibus-like systems; or, collectively, as Automatic Transit Networks (ATNs) were first proposed in the way back in the 1950s, with the the first public ATN network beginning operations in the late 1970s. Despite their slow uptake, ATNs have been steadily gaining traction ever since.
Podaris can help with the development of ATNs by:
  • Setting targets for journey times and reliability improvements
  • Identifying where bus priority measures are needed including consideration of Bus Rapid Transit routes to transform key corridors
  • Considering how a coherent and integrated network should serve schools, health, social care, and employment
  • Taking into account the views of local people

Podaris for Automated Transit Networks

ATN implementation is a complex process involving many stakeholders. Every vendor uses different technologies with different specifications and capabilities. Podaris was created to reduce the complexity of designing ATNs and provide powerful tools for parametric modelling of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) and Group Rapid Transit (GRT) systems. It allows networks to be planned in a vendor-neutral fashion — generating infrastructure that is fully accurate to the specifications of multiple vendors.
The Morgantown PRT system, modelled in Podaris

Powering ATNs around the world

Working with PRT layers in Podaris:Plan
We consider podcars to be a genuinely “disruptive” technology, requiring a comprehensive understanding of the myriad new types of vehicles, infrastructure, control systems, network/station design, and operational principals. Indeed, Podaris was initally built to support the interdisciplinary collaboration and divergent modelling techniques specific to the successful design of ATNs.
Podaris has already helped numerous customers to revolutionise their businesses - from Colorado's PRT Consulting, whose ATN feasibility studies have been enabled by Podaris, to Mexico's Modutram, and France's Supraways. With accurate, customisable profiles for PRT transport layers, Podaris represents an out-of-the box solution for advanced automated network design.

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