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A very warm welcome to all listeners of Practical Perspectives, the podcast that brings you real-world insights and invaluable wisdom from industry leaders in the UK's highways and transport sector.
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What is Podaris?

A powerful cloud-based platform for collaborative transport planning, analysis and stakeholder engagement.

Podaris helps transport professionals around the world to work more efficiently and effectively, and make better decisions about transport infrastructure investment.  It allows teams to rapidly generate answers to 'what-if' questions with a suite of easy-to-use tools for exploring everything from accessibility to service schedules.
True collaborative planning, instant cost estimations, comprehensive service design, manage frequencies & fleet sizes, quickly compare transport scenarios

Podaris is used by...

  • Local Authorities & Transport Operators to understand the needs of their constituents, and plan better transport infrastructure and services
  • Transport Consultancies to produce multimodal feasibility studies, communicate and collaborate with clients, and build value-added services via our API
  • Property developers to understand the connectivity and travel demand of proposed developments, and collaborate with transport planners to create win/win solutions
  • Transport Technology Vendors to engage with customers and drive understanding and adoption of their technologies
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Podaris empowers planners to...

  • Rapidly prototype and explore different transport scenarios
  • Collaborate with others in real time on transport projects
  • Understand costs, benefits, and impacts with powerful analysis tools
  • Share transport plans with stakeholders and collect feedback
Podaris user interface

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Web-based – nothing to install  •  Scalable enterprise solutions
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