Isochrone Analysis

Powerful tools for multi-modal travel-time and accessibility analysis

Simple yet powerful tools for access and travel time analysis

Create multi-point isochrones for sophisticated geospatial analysis in seconds
Travel time tools allow you to understand accessibility to and from multiple locations, at any given date and time, helping you to quickly understand the real-world impact of your travel plans in moments. Access time analysis can help you understand the catchment of a route, entire networks, or cycling infrastructure, and help you answer questions like
  • How many people live within 10 mins of stops along a bus route?
  • What is the average income of people who live within the catchment of your city's public transport network?
  • How many schoolchildren can access a bus stop within 5 mins of walking?

Get key insights by combining with demographic analysis

With Podaris, you can easily create advanced isochrone queries on the datasets that you import or create, and perform sophisticated demographic analysis in minutes.

It can help you answer questions such as:
  • How many more low income units does Scenario A provide connectivity to, compared to Scenario B?
  • If we move our office to location X, how many employees can reach it in 15/30/45 minutes?

Powerful isochrone queries can be constructed to be as simple or as complex as you like - providing results in seconds. Analysis capabilities are further expanded by connecting with our API.
Build powerful isochrone queries quickly and easily

What is an Isochrone?

Create multi-point isochrones for sophisticated geospatial analysis in seconds
Imagine you're standing in the heart of a city and you want to know how far you could travel. An isochrone map would show you an area, often in a blob-like shape, that represents all the places you could reach within that time frame.

But isochrones aren't just about understanding individual travel. They're instrumental in shaping our cities and transport networks. They help planners understand the catchment areas of different transport routes, identify areas of poor connectivity, and make informed decisions about where to place new routes or stops.

Whether you are analysing the accessibility for a single cycle path or proposed bus route, or evaluating the equity of the whole public transport network, Podaris has tools to get answers quickly - schedule a demo today!

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