Demand Responsive Transport

Plan and Analyse DRT Scenarios
Demand Responsive Transport

Plan Road-based or Fixed-infrastructure Schemes

Rapidly plan road-based or fixed infrastructure (e.g. Personal Rapid Transit) on-demand schemes.
  • Designate operational areas and service levels for road-based schemes, and account for mode-specific restrictions (e.g. excluding motorway use for cycle-hire schemes)
  • Rapidly and accurately sketch fixed infrastructure with our intuitive parametric drawing tool, and automatically create realistic velocity profiles. Kinematic modelling allows you to instantly calculate associated travel times.

Generate outputs instantly

Design detailed on-demand systems with data-rich inputs or generate high-level indicative scenarios with coarse assumptions. Use Podaris to produce a wide range of outputs derived from your DRT solution, including:
  • Peak vehicle requirements
  • Fleet utilisation
  • Average occupancy
  • Travel times
  • Ridership
  • Operating and capital costs
  • Population served
  • ...and much more
Cost estimations in Podaris

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