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Rapid planning and analysis for teams

True collaborative planning and analysis
Whether you're engaged in transport feasibility studies, bid development, or proposal planning, Podaris has the power to accelerate traditional workflow models by orders of magnitude, allowing for the rapid planning and analysis of multi-modal transport infrastructure individually, or as part of a connected team.
Its sophisticated and intuitive geospatial analysis tools make it easier than ever to work with isochrones and datasets in a transport context, allowing you to understand the impact of land-use plans on mode choice and active travel in a fraction of the time.

Keeping everyone on the same page

Podaris is a cloud-based platform that offers advanced version control, deeply integrated collaboration tools and shared assets through a single, branded company portal. It reduces the complexity of managing projects at any scale by keeping everyone on the same page at all times, with Google Docs-style real-time collaboration tools.

When you're ready to present to stakeholders, you can invite them to join the conversation on Podaris:Engage, a simplified, presentational window into your projects, designed to collect geolocated feedback on live versions of your plans.
Podaris:Engage - a presentational window into your projects

Deep integration with your existing tools

Pinned isochrones in QGIS
While Podaris provides a sophisticated suite of tools for everything from demand modelling to high-level engineering, it also interoperates seamlessly with a variety of third-party tools by means of a variety of integrations. Our API enables the development of plugins and integrations, bringing real-time synchronisation to other applications, both on the desktop and in the cloud.
Whether you are creating cost models in spreadsheets, or complex geospatial queries in your favourite GIS platform, you can now do so using real-time data directly from your Podaris project.

Create and manage scheduled services with ease

Podaris represents a seamless solution for scheduling transit services and creating detailed and accurate timetabling for any transport mode. By setting constraints on either the fleet size, desired frequency of the service, or through defining exact departure times, you are able to explore and understand the effects of different changes to a service, quickly and easily.

Services can be imported from industry-standard formats like GTFS and TransXChange, or created from scratch easily inside Podaris. Fixed infrastructure systems benefit from accurate parametrically calculated travel times, while street-based services can be created with similar ease against the existing road network.
Powerful multi-modal service scheduling

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