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The world's first truly collaborative planning platform

Podaris is the world's first truly collaborative platform for multimodal planning and analysis. It provides accurate and intuitive tools for the parametric modelling of rail infrastructure based on validated engineering properties, producing reliable outputs essential for feasibility studies and proposal development.

Its integrated tools for service scheduling make at-a-glance comparison of service alterations trivial, enabling you to quickly explore the impact of modifications to service levels on fleet size and timetables. Podaris then automatically produces revenue calculations and peak vehicle requirements, helping you to optimise services faster and more easily.

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Rapid and agile tools for rail planners

Podaris makes both freehand and constraint-based drawing of infrastructure the work of moments. Rail lines can be sketched in seconds with fine grain control of the velocity and curvature of individual segments ensuring precision in your plans.

Podaris offers tools for exposing travel times, distances and average speeds between stations, all of which can be exported in a single click. The journey planner tool helps put your rail network in a multimodal context to better understand how journeys are really made, whether different scenarios will result in fewer transfers and how walking and wait times are impacted by changes to a service's frequency.

Visualising velocity along a network in Podaris:Plan

Complements existing tools & workflows

Podaris is designed to complement your existing tools and workflows, and offers extensive integration and compatibility with industry-standard GIS and transport planning software and file formats. API-level integrations with spreadsheet and GIS tools allow for synchronised analysis of your networks on these platforms. Podaris' ability to handle datasets, transit feeds, georeferenced raster imagery, and GIS data, make it a one-stop solution for high-level planning and analysis — right in your browser.

Podaris connects the software, formats and people that make your projects happen - with built-in tools for real-time collaboration between teams. Podaris reduces feedback time and brings everyone onto the same page, where any element in your project can be created or edited collaboratively. Tools for auditing and rolling-back changes offer transparency and agility throughout the planning process.

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Integrated stakeholder engagement

Podaris:Engage is the platform's built-in stakeholder engagement application, enabling effortless collaboration with clients, partners, and key stakeholders. Podaris:Engage offers an interactive presentation view of your plans, allowing invited guests to explore and optionally comment on proposed routes, timetables, and travel-time or catchment analysis. The interactive maps you create can be shared internally or with the public, and can be embedded on any website.

Podaris is a cost effective way to unite experts and non-experts alike on a single platform — fostering stakeholder buy-in and accelerating project delivery, without sacrificing accuracy.

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