Agile Collaborative Transport Planning

The only real-time platform for collaborative transport planning

With Podaris, every update that you make across your projects is automatically synchronised across your team's devices. If you've worked with an application like Google Docs, you've already experienced this sort of real-time collaboration. We make it easy to see who has made changes to your project, what they've done, and let you roll back any of those changes locally, if necessary.

These synchronisations are handled securely on our cloud-based platform, eliminating the reliance on old models of file-sharing for each project revision, such as sending updates via email. This empowers rapid-iteration optioneering during feasibility studies and scenario planning exercises.

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Integrated stakeholder engagement

Podaris brings stakeholder engagement to the cloud, allowing you to showcase live projects to stakeholders, be they internal organisation members, elected individuals or even members of the public. The Podaris:Engage platform enables them to interact with your transport plans without downloading and setting up complex planning software themselves. It's a presentational window into the scenarios that you've created, designed to communicate what matters most in your plans while generating feedback in the form of location-pinned comments.

Comprehensive privacy settings give you complete control over who sees your plans, and embedding of projects on your own website allows you to manage the context of your engagements.

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Zero set-up time, costs and maintenance

If your team has access to the internet, they can start using Podaris today. There are no specific platform requirements and nothing to download. Every update to the platform is rolled out to your browser automatically.

Podaris is also built for integration with a variety of industry-standard applications, to facilitate easy collaboration with those using existing geographic and spatial data tools, such as QGIS.

Fundamental to what makes Podaris ideal for remote teams, is the ability to share assets easily within the app. All of your organisation’s projects and assets exist within a dynamic ecosystem, accessible through a branded company portal. Keeping everyone synchronised and on the same page in this way is fundamental to the agile transport planning approach behind Podaris. It's how we help you to reduce feedback loops, accelerate projects and engender innovation.

Cutting edge tools for teams

Successful collaboration when remote working requires tools that emphasise shared context. Podaris consolidates an integrated suite of tools for planning, commenting, messaging and video-chat. Text chat within projects offers a persistent, per-project message history, and enterprise users can also benefit from in-app audio/video chat.

We’ve made it easy to see which members of your team are working on what, by giving project collaborators a range of notification settings. You can see when a collaborator has joined your project, when they're editing and when you've received a comment in-app. No other platform enables you to bring your team together as effectively, regardless of their location or discipline.