Bus Planning

Demographic analysis & service scheduling

Effective bus service planning requires identifying how existing and proposed networks will serve schools, health, social care, employment and other services. With Podaris' sophisticated transport modelling and demographic analysis tools, you can easily explore catchments and understand key metrics.

Podaris has full support for industry standard transit feeds such as GTFS and TransXChange, allowing seamless import, editing and export. The scheduled services that you create in Podaris are designed to conform to the GTFS specification, ensuring smooth interoperability with other tools.

Isochrone analysis

Instant cost estimates

After every change to a service or route, Podaris instantly recalculates the cost estimates, helping planners to develop an intuitive feel for financial trade-offs.

  • Identify surplus vehicles on routes
  • Identify the most cost-effective strategies to reach under-served communities and key workers
  • Reduce costs by merging overlapping routes
  • Prioritise which routes to continue subsidising to provide the most equitable network
  • Reactively optimise services in response to rapidly changing ridership
Estimating bus costs

Powerful planning and engagement tools

Create new routes that follow existing road networks as you draw. Route planning in Podaris has the potential to dramatically accelerate the planning process by automatically finding the optimum path between your stops. Or for complete control, paths may be drawn manually, according to your specifications.

Our integrated stakeholder engagement platform Podaris:Engage provides a stakeholder-friendly window into your plans that can be securely shared with individuals or groups. Engage presents your transport scenarios in a simplified interface, allowing stakeholders to compare multiple scenarios and leave pinned feedback for planners.

Services overview in Podaris:Engage

Develop Bus Service Improvement Plans

Podaris helps support the development of Bus Service Improvement Plans in line with the UK's National Bus Strategy by assisting operators and LTAs in:

  • Setting targets for journey times and reliability improvements
  • Identifying where bus priority measures are needed including consideration of Bus Rapid Transit routes to transform key corridors
  • Considering how a coherent and integrated network should serve schools, health, social. care, employment
  • Taking into account the views of local people.

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National Bus Strategy
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