Podaris for Airports

Why Podaris for Airports?

Navigating the process of planning and design specific to airport environments is an often challenging and convoluted task, requiring the careful balancing of the needs and constraints of many different disciplines and stakeholders. However, the microcosmic, single decision maker nature of airports, often means that traditional processes can be shortened, resulting in faster and more creative innovation.

Whether you are planning a landside connectivity solution, or want to consider the tradeoffs between a new airside APM compared to a bus shuttle service, Podaris provides the tools for fast and accurate parametric design of multi-modal infrastructure, service scheduling, scenario modelling, georeferencing, and presentation.

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Podaris for airports
Heathrow Airport ATL Airport Greenville Spartanburg Airport

Heathrow Airport

Podaris was used to support the work of an integrated design team in rapidly analysing different landside connectivity solutions at the UK’s busiest and only hub airport, Heathrow. As part of the expansion master planning process, a number of scenarios were comparatively analysed, ranging from different terminal configurations to new car park locations. Podaris made integrating the concerns of many disciplines such as airspace, town and country planning, legal, business case and programme more agile, accurate, and accessible.

Throughout the process, the platform was able to provide network footprints, performance, travel times, and cost estimates for all scenarios, accounting for both land use characteristics and estimated passenger demand.

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Heathrow airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Podaris was used Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to plan innovative new transit connecting both of the airport’s terminals and providing additional connectivity to the corporate campuses. Its powerful multi-modal planning capabilities enabled the proposed network to be analysed in the wider urban context, and elucidated how such a system would integrate with the existing MARTA metro network.

The chosen proposed scenario was then made available to the public as both a simulation visualised directly within Podaris, and a 4D video created by Podaris-partner 4Dialog that used high-quality 3D renderings and lifelike simulation models with sound, light and movement.

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Atlanta airport

Greenville-Spartanburg Airport

In 2014, Greenville-Spartanburg Airport approved a study to compare shuttle bus and ATN systems for proposed expanded parking facilities. Colorado-based PRT Consulting made use of powerful parametric modelling tools within Podaris to complete the study and found that an ATN system could connect to existing and proposed parking lots in seven minutes compared with up to 17 minutes by shuttle bus.

They also found that an ATN system had lower lifecycle costs than a shuttle bus system and provided higher levels of service. Since then Podaris has been used in a number of further studies both for the airport and in consideration of an extended network which serves the wider Greenville area.

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Greenville-Spartanburg airport