Built-in Georeferencing

Our georeferencer makes it easy to put custom imagery in a geospatial context, creating zoomable maps that can be used by Podaris projects or other mapping tools. Identify a few common locations on each map, and the georeferencer automatically corrects for the geographic scale, location, and map projection of any image.

Georeferencing has numerous applications including:

  • Plans for new developments
  • Historic or custom maps
  • Higher-resolution aerial imagery
  • Raster-based demographic datasets
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    Tilesets and Tileset Hosting

    While georeferencing is seamlessly intergrated into Podaris: Plan, the entire process can be initiated outside of projects and generated tilesets used across multiple projects, shared with team members or imported into third party software.

    Tilesets can also be imported from a variety of third party mapping services. These operate as layers within your projects and can be assigned a specific opacity and ordered above or below any number of other tileset layers.

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