Online stakeholder engagement

Engage provides a presentational window into your project’s views and a means to engage stakeholders in conversation through pinned comments. These views offer a way to compare scenarios at a glance, and present richly formatted information alongside your maps.

‘Unlisted’ projects are accessible to external stakeholders via a unique link, while more sensitive projects can be restricted to invited collaborators only. Engage reduces the risk of costly redesign work resulting from inefficient communication in the planning stages of a project, and facilitates immediate feedback from everyone involved.

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Share interactive route plans and geospatial analysis

Engage allows you to present the scheduled services that you create in Podaris:Plan, showcasing routes that can be expanded to display comprehensive timetable information. Stakeholders can then explore the connectivity of individual stations interactively by clicking them on your maps.

The sophisticated isochrone queries and dataset analysis tools in Podaris:Plan can be harnessed to display travel time and accessibility outputs in clear, vibrant visual form within Engage, enabling you to compellingly communicate how your travel plans will impact communities.